How to specify default Recipe for Color Efex Pro / LIghtroom?

When I send a batch of images from Lightroom to Color Efex Pro, I can’t figure out how to control which filter or recipe is applied by default. I always have to switch it. Then, after editing the first image and pressing Next, the filter or recipe switches to something completely different and I have to select the one I want again and again for each image. Is there any way to control this?

Hi Ken - - See the last post (by me) in this thread.

John M

John, this thread no longer seems to be available. Still looking for a way to specify that Color Efex Pro always launches with the same recipe.


I don’t think that can be explicitly defined, Ken - - but, you could take advantage of the following;

It’s the FIRST filter applied to the last/previous image that’s applied by default when CEP is next started.

  • This is assuming that it was a “stack” of filters that were applied to the previous image - as typically results when a Recipe ( made up of multiple filters ) is applied.

  • If, however, ONLY ONE filter was previously applied - then it would seem to an observer that it was the last filter that was applied - - because, in the case of ONLY ONE filter, the first is also the last :thinking: