How to set panels as collapsed panels as default

Greetings all,
I have been a Color Efex user for probably 10+ plus. Great little tool. I have been using version 4… for a long time now. I have many custom presets I have made over the years. Some of them include 5 plus panels of adjustments. In version 4 when clicking on one it appears with all the panels collapsed and I open them and close them as I am working. Well long story short I finally purchased version 5 of the collection. Super happy as it is sooo much faster in every way from ver 4. But… Now when I use my presets with the 4+ panels they all open up expanded which makes them very hard to work with as they all kind of blend together. So question is, is there anyway to have them open up all collapsed as default? Any Help would be appreciated.

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Hi Scott,
I don’t think so. Try to collapse them by clicking on the title bar and then see if you can save them as a new recipe (new name …)
– or check with some fanstasy collection, collapse everything, save it and check how it opens.

Hello Wolfgang,

Thanks your thoughts, they are appreciated. I actually tried what you suggested before I landed here, no dice. Even all of the default filters that have more than one panel open like that. It would be nice to a feature like that, I can’t be the only one. The other thing I would love to see and was hoping was in version 5 was the ability to make adjustment by using a mouse wheel. Nope, we are still dragging the sliders… Anyway, again thanks…

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