How to reread current folder


it happens quite often that I add GPS information to the RAW files in a folder after I have already read them with PhotoLab. To reread the folder and become aware of the new GPS data I have to rename the folder so that PL is rescanning the photos.

Isn’t there a way to reread the folder without renaming it? Some handy keyboard shortcut? :wink:

Regards - Matthias


Great idea to add a simple folder rescan command. Such a feature would be very useful and logical.


Oh, good workaround. I thought you had to delete the database to get it to re-scan…

  • Jon

That would be a greatly appreciated feature. I often do change metadata in Photo Mechanic, a reread would solve a lot of my workflow problems.


This would help a lot as I’m sure it’s the cause of the problems in my thread:
This image cannot be processed because of an unknown error. It may be corrupted or in an unsupported format.

As well as a re-scan option I’d also like a ‘Turn DAM off’ option.


Hello Peter, What do you mean by this ?

I have absolutely no interest at all in PL’s DAM features - - so, I simply ignore all of them … and I don’t need to do anything special to do so. What overhead(s) are you experiencing ?

Regards, John M

Hi John M

No overheads and I do ignore them, but if my images cannot be seen in the future without my intervention to update the database I would prefer to be able to disable the database totally.




Ok, thanks Peter - understood. Yes, I agree with you on that preferable option - - As it is, I regularly delete the database (just to keep things “fast & clean”).

John M

I’m with you Peter:

A no database option with folder scan each time would be great for those of us who enjoy a machine independent workflow (total portability of folders and files).


Hi Alex,

Perhaps a candidate for “Which feature do you need?” ? … I’d vote for it (assuming I have a vote to spare).

John M

I’m not sure this is a feature request but more a sane software architecture decision. I hope the DxO poobahs have noticed how much love there is among its users for the historic architecture of PhotoLab: plays well with other applications, keeps its data saved on disk and not sequestered away in a database.

We’ve all been burned by trusting our photographic legacy to Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture or both. Few of us want to go through futilely trying to extract our data again from monolithic applications which don’t preserve any compatibility between versions.

It seems to be that PL 2.3 addresses that issue. At least if I add GPS information outside PL it is instantly recognized by PL 2.3.

Thank You! :smiley:

Do you mean 2.2.3 or do you have 2.3?

Sorry, you’re right of course: I was talking about PL 2.2.3 Build 36.

Wow I have a similar issue, just trying to show photos I have added to the folder… can’t without making a whole new folder. dont add a browser if it doesnt update itself… leave this to photomechanic.

wow, reading some more comments it seems people as well would rather not have the database than a clunky one.