How to remove dxo icon in Finder menu


I have downloaded a trial version of DXO Pure Raw 4 and liking it very much. One thing I don’t like is the icon in the Finder menu. How can I remove/disable it?

Thank you.

Which particular Finder menu are you talking about? Can you post a screenshot?

Since this is the Mac OS section of the forum, I thought it would be obvious that I’m talking about MacOS’s Finder.

Icons designed by their makers and that’s what you get.
Nevertheless, there are no PureRAW icons in my Finder’s menus…

Are you talking about a DPR Icon on the right side of the Finder menu bar, e.g. next to the control centre icon or current date and time?

Since Finder has more than one menu and we can’t see your screen, please supply a screenshot as requested.

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A screenshot could really help. Something like this:

Arrow added by one of the tools provided in Apple’s “Preview” app.

Umm, I doubt the original poster will see your post remark in that way.

Especially as this is their first topic. Your remark is hardly welcoming, can I suggest you delete it / modify it?

Yeah, a really welcoming place. Sorry for asking. Removing DXO Pure Raw.

No need to remove PureRAW, @levdr , specially not if you like what it does.

We could try to help based on guessing what you mean, but we’d reach the target sooner if we could have more detailed information.

I do suppose that you’re contesting the DPR icon on the right side of the Finder menu bar. It’s kind of a shortcut to launch DPR, but many users don’t want it. There is no setting in DPR to make that icon to go away, but there is an object in a Library subfolder, and that object can be trashed. If I remember correctly, there might be an entry in the System Settings that can be disabled. I cannot verify all of this because my test license has expired.

A little dramatic don’t you think? All you were asked is please provide a screenshot. The two people who have responded to your thread have more than 2 decades of combined experience with DxO between them. They are prolific users and contributors to the community. Help us, help you.


Except in this case one of them was, atypically, not very welcoming. The problem post has subsequently been edited / updated) but that is why the OP responded as he did.