How to re-color object in PL5?

I like to re-color some clothing of subject and cannot find the best fool prove way to accomplish just that.
Any input appreciated.


As long as it is the only object of the “wrong” colour in the image, you can use the HSL colour wheel by placing the pipette on the thing to be changed and then rotating the outer wheel.

Here’s what you can do with “local adjustments” and a painted “auto-mask”

It was just “quick and dirty” and you may wait until the more experienced DxO users come up with better methods. Although, depending on the definition of “fool”, prepare to loose some foolishness… :grinning:


Do I see some similarities with your forum picture and the dwarves? :smile:

Ah, yes, there are dwarves :astonished: I was so fascinated by the wooden dragonfly… :smirk:

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