How to prevent DxO from opening automatically

Hello dear members.
DxO RAW opens automatically from the card or from the computer, when I select a photo (or many photos) by a click. How to prevent DxO RAW from opening? And open my photos in .DNG directly in PHOTOSHOP when I just want to check and not wait the DxO treatment. Only by selecting PS with the mouse ? Thank you.

(Put another way: can we automatically select either DxO or PS for opening a photo?)

Is the operating system Mac or Windows?
It is probably at the level of the default applications that the choice of software should be made.


Thank you.

The operating system is Mac.
Yes, I suppose it is possible to select the software (it is possible by clicking the mouse), but is there a better way from a selection (settings) in the system or in the application ?

The solution is : Ask “informations” on a picture, then confirm that all that kind of images (or documents) will open with PS.

Je ne suis pas un utilisateur Mac, donc j’aurais eu quelques difficultés à donner la solution. Mais vous l’avez manifestement trouvée.

I’m not a Mac user, so I would have had some difficulty giving the solution. But you obviously found it.