How to open a file without editing

when i edit a raw file PL will create a new file _openWith.tiff
when i like to edit this same tiff file with another application is there a way to just open it in another app from PL5 or have i just to use my finder ?

This is unclear to me. Can you please write how this happens?
Best give a step by step list of actions and a screenshot or two.


If I understand your question correctly you are asking how to directly edit a raw image that has been processed by PL5 without having to use Finder to send the tiff to the external editor. If that is indeed what you are asking it is very easy and I do it all the time when processing.

  1. Open your raw images in PL5 as normal and do whatever processing you wish to get the result you want.

  2. Click on the selection button at the bottom right of your screen (see the screen shot Step 1 below).

  3. A dialog box with selections will appear and you want the Export to application selection (see Step 2 below).

  4. A new dialog box will appear and you should pick the application you want to open, set the values you want in the dialog box and then click Export (see Step 3 below).

If this is not what you were asking then I apologize for not understanding your request.

Step 2

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ok maybe i do something wrong
i right click and select “export to application”"
there i select tiff as export format
so pl5 is making a new copy in tiff with the name of the raw file + openwith.tiff
example 7R47610.ARW will become 7R47610_openWith.tiff
Then when i am finished in for example affinity photo i have in PL5 2 files this is ok as expected.
Now i want to edit the .tiff file (7R47610_openWith.tiff) again but in another application ex : luminar
how can i do this without making yet another new copy (7R47610_openWith_openWith.tiff) or without having to go to my finder window.

The dialog box you see for exporting to an application has a drop down box directly under the Format label. One of those settings is

Export selected file(s) without processing

This is what you want to send the already existing tiff file to another application without creating a second tiff.

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Ahh ok i see it now

annoying that in the menu there is no such thing as open vs export
but ok solved this :slight_smile:
any possibility to just end up with .tiff instead of openWith.tiff ?

If only!

What I have done when editing in an external editor is used the Save As functionality so that I can manually remove the _OpenWith suffix. Based on what I have seen Dxo seems to have this baked directly into the code, as they also do with the Nik suffix when calling the Nik apps. At least I have not found any Preferences setting that would remove it.

That has caused me some issues when using the Nik apps with external editors and I have had to do the same thing - manually remove the suffix.

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