How to move items within a Pallet

Hi Folks,
Apparently I have forgotten how to move items within a pallet. I though I remembered that you could move items within a pallet as well as move the pallets up and down. Anybody know how??

You cannot move tools within a standard palette. You need to create a custom palette for that. When you do, you can drag tools from a standard pallet into it and drag them into any order you want.

You can move the palettes themselves by dragging the pallet title bar. In the Windows version you can only drag the pallets downward to reorder them. it’s an unfortunate limitation so it can take a bit longer to order things the way you want them to be



Thanks Mark,

I actually solve my problem by using a workspace I had set up in PL4 as it had everything arranged the way I wanted it and everything is working fine. I’m now in the process of re-doing every image I’ve processed with Affinity Photo and On1 and Zoner ZPS X since early May. Its going to take a bit of time.