How to move Dxo db from C: to D:

I would like to move DXO DB from my C: ssd drive, to D:.
The files are in C:\Users\AppData\Local\ & Roming.
Is there a workflow how to do it right?

For windows version you can set the path for the db in the preferences. My path is on w:/dxo5/db and my cache is on w:/dxo/cache on a ssd


Thanks @Guenterm
Just created new folders, didn’t copy/paste the files from the old directory. I will let dxd to create them by itself

@cohen5538 what @Guenterm says is correct but I have been concerned lately if things are working as I expected so I

  1. Told PL6 to change the location of the database in ‘Preferences’ and normally I expect a warning (I think!?) that DxPL needs to ‘Restart’ but I got no warning!

  2. The location chosen had an old PL6 database!

  3. I restarted PL6 and it started using the old database!

  4. Created a new subdirectory and asked DxPL to switch to the new location, again no request for a ‘Restart’.

  5. I restarted and PL6 was using a database the same size as the one it was using at step 3.

Further testing suggests;

  1. The database is copied as soon as the ‘Preferences’ screen with the new location is 'OK’ed

  2. The database in the new location will not be used until DxPL has been restarted.

  3. It appears if there is a database already at the “new” location DxPL will not overwrite it and DxPL will start using that (“old”) database after the restart!?