How to mesh PL 3 with Neat Image

Seen some lovely examples of people using DxO Photolab 3 and Neat Image, as neat handles some types of noise better, but how do I get DxO to send the images to Neat?!

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Export to application?
Or just export to disk as 16b tiff to a desicnated folder and collect there all files.

Could you share those examples? I am astonished that there’s noise reduction which would improve on what either of Prime NR or Fast NR (I use both of them, Prime NR for high ISO high chroma noise images, Fast NR for milder noise reduction).

I’ve pointed this out elsewhere but I find both of them far too strong at the default 40 preset. I turn Prime NR down to 12 and Fast NR down to 20 by default. At those levels, I get almost all the noise reduction with a minimal amount of NR smearing and blurring.