How to manage RAW files frome IOS or android?

I want to purchase an iphone 13 or a Google Pixel 6 phone, mostly for their camera.
But I made some test with raw files and photolab, and I am very disapointed to see that it is not working. Photolab cannot open the DNG files.

This is for me a big issue. And may be a reason to switch to lightroom…

Is there a way to avoid that by converting DNG files before importing them to Photolab ?
Is there a plan to be able to load this files in photolab ?

Been asked for for years and ignored. I say that as some one who refuses to buy such phones but do see that they should be supported as many do use them as cameras

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I have no problems to open the DNG-Files from my iPhone SE Mk.I (2016) with PL4 & PL5.

How come?

Regards - Matthias

It is not the case for new phones even Iphone 12.
You have some samples here : iPhone 12 Pro Max: ecco dove può spingersi. Tutte le nostre foto |

Photolab is only showing the vignette. Nothing else.

Is there a solution to convert DNG to something else to get the raw info in Photolab ?
I guess that TIFF will not be the good format, correct ?

DxO PhotoLab supports DNG format files, as long as they have been generated by Adobe Lightroom or Adobe DNG Converter, and as long as the original RAW format is also supported in the program. DxO PhotoLab will also accept DNG files created natively by supported cameras.