How to Install Nik Collection 2 (included with PL3) as a Photoshop plugin?

Hi - I’m a long-term user of DXO Optics Pro (8-11) and now Photolab (1-3). On upgrading to PL3 I have the Nik Collection 2 included in the installation. I previously had the original Nik Collection (Google) installed as a Photoshop plugin. Since installing PL3 (with Nik2) my original Nik plugins have been removed, it does not appear under fiters, and I cannot see how to install the Nik Collection 2 as a plugin, as there is no separate installation file. If I look in my account it does not mention Nik Collection 2, and if I look at the download page there is only the option for a free 30-day trial.

Please can someone tell me how I can now install Nik Collection 2 as a Photoshop plugin on my system (Win 10).

Many thanks

Looks like a case for

You can also run the nik installer again. It should then install the plugins.

Maybe it’s the same like in Lightroom as I described here Nik from Lightroom Classic?.
Sorry for nat owning Photoshop to test

maybe this helps:

Hi - this is all getting confused.

I purchased the upgrade from PL1 to PL3. When I installed PL3 I saw that there was now a button for Nik collection 2, and if I open a Nik app using this button it reports itself as v2. I did not purchase and install Nik collection 2 separately.

I use Photoshop (currently CC2020). Previously I had the older Google Nik collection installed and could use them as a plugin in PS. After installing PL3 these disappeared.

DXO support keep asking for my Nik Collection 2 licence code, which I obviously do not have as I did not get a separate installation file.

Can someone please constructively suggest what is going on?

Many thanks!

Here are my thoughts.
That’s doesn’t works because of your installation of PhotoLab 3 and PS CC2020 in the same time.
There is no relation between one and the other, but

  • PL3 offers you a Nik access button that points to old Google Nik Collection
  • Old Google Nik collection doesn’t run on 64bits software such as PS CC2020

Hi Pascal, thanks for your reply. Yes, that now makes perfect sense. When I saw the Nik Collection button, I incorrectly assumed that the DXO version had been installed. The button is accessing the old version. I have not seen anywhere else that Photoshop in 64 bit cannot access the old Nik software, so thanks for that too. In fact I am quite happy to use the old Nik collection via PL3.
Once again thanks for your insight, which is better than the support given by DXO via a ticket! Nigel

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My pleasure.
Do not blame the DxO support :wink: