How to import the Photo Library (MacOs Catalina)?

A bridge between “Photos” on MacOs X and DxO PhotoLab would be real progress. This would allow you to import files and take advantage of the classification and editing possibilities of PhotoLab 3?

This will be a tough nut to crack because of Apple’s way to manage files in the Fotos Library (see screenshot below) and I don’t think that DxO will add this functionality soon…

Meanwhile, you can

  1. send your images to DPL from Fotos and import them into Fotos after customization. Beware, Fotos does not send raw files to external editors.
  2. use DxO’s plugins for Fotos far a more seamless integration with a subset of functions.

What happens when you send an original image to an external editor in Fotos:

  • image from the magenta box is processed and stored to the green box
  • image processed by DPL is imported back to Fotos into the cyan box
    Instead of just having one raw file, you end up having additional files that can take up a lot of space.
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I understand the problem. Thank you very much for this explanation. I’m going to modify my workflow.
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