How to get Control Point Mask and reset to be displayed by PL3.1.1 build 4314

In Local Adjustgments, I have seen show masks, etc displayed right below the image is some of the tutorials for PL3. However on my copy build 4314, I do not see “show masks” anywhere. What do I have to do to show them? Is there a tutorial or webinar for Pl 4314 that shows us how to use things that have changed from previous builds?

Joe S,

I think it is a feature on Mac only. I see it on my Mac laptop but on my Windows 10 desktop there is no “Show Masks” button. But you can see the masks by pressing the letter M and to restore the screen just press M again. Also, I found that if I had the masks displayed and moved my pointer off the photo then the masks would be removed but return as soon as I moved my mouse back over the photo. Hope this helps.


Hello @Photoman43,

On Windows there is no dedicated button for that, only a shortcut “M” to show / hide the mask.

Svetlana G.

Hello Marvin. My desktop runs on win 10 pro 64 bit. I did discover a partial solution to enabling Control Point masks by going to the top line taskbar, click on Palettes, then make sure you activate “Whats new in PL3” . Once that is done, you get a drop down box that allows you to click on HSL and/or Local adjustments. If you click on local adjustments, you will see Control Points and three boxes–one is the show/hide mask; Invert mask; and delete mask.

If you press “M” the photo will appear in black, white, and shades of gray. Black indicates those areas not affected by the control point, white indicates those area 100% affected by the control point, and the shades of gray reflects those areas partially affected with those in lighter shades being affected more by the control point than those that are darker. I don’t get that affect with the icon in the local adjustments panel. The hide/show button only turns the effect of the control point on and off. Appreciate the info though.