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Is there a way to get rid of all the greyed frames inside photolab which appear in the “frame choice slider” when not having the last filmpack upgrade (it seems it shows the frames available in the following release) ?

Or maybe I can acces those greyed frames a way I don’t understand ?

I generally only use black or white frame (it would be nice to be able to choose a custom frame color, but this is not my topic here …) and it’s really exhausting to slide and slide again along what could be called advertisement before been able to select the desired frame.
It slows down the workflow and is absolutely not productive and I would add irritating.

Thanx for your response.

Your issue is not completely clear to me. Are you saying you want to remove unneeded frames from the list in the imbedded version of FilmPack?. If so, I don’t believe that is possible. If that is not your issue perhaps you could be a bit clearer in your description and also provide a screenshot.


deleted and replaced by the next more explicit post.

Below is a screenshot.

The blue highlited frame is the one used in this photo.
The 2 frames below it are usable (they aren’t greyed). I can select them and use them.
The 3 above it are unusable. They are greyed. I can’t select them. So can’t use them.

They clutter the list (there about 15 and most of them between the 2 frames I use and swap often !).

They were not here in the beginning. I don’t remember when they appeared, but I suspect it happened since a new release of filmpack I didn’t buy, and belong to this release. It looks like they are a teaser of this release I didn’t buy.

It’s more than very irritating to slide again and again because of not allowed to use frames.

If I’m not allowed to use them, they have to disappear.
Or is there a something I don’t understand and should I be able to use those grayed and for now not allowed to use frames ?

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I think you are probably correct. It seems to be a bug. Did you trial FP6?. This probably will require assistance from the DXO support team. Perhaps they can suggest a quick fix.


No I did not. I send a request to support now.
Thank you for responding.

You are probably aware of this, but in case your are not, all the FilmPack features are actually already embedded in PhotoLab 5. A license for FilmPack 5 or 6 unhides and activates those features so they can be used.

It appears in your case that a license for Filmpack 5 also visually unhides some or all of the new FP 6 features even though it only allows you to use the ones from FP5. If that is the case, others should be having the same issue although I have not seen any reports of that yet. I wonder if other FP6 features are also visible but greyed out. Hopefully @sgospodarenko will respond to this in the next day or two.


I can confirm that it also appears in Mac Version. My licensed version is FP5 and they are active, the FP6 ones are shown at the end of the list and nor licensed and not useable.
best regards

I wonder if it is just the frames or if other Film Pack 6 features are also visible but greyed out?


Dear @Marc,

it’s also in Textur and Lichteinfall :grinning:

Thanks, that is Interesting. I assume that Lichteinfall is Light Leak in the English version. I am guessing there are other greyed out FP 6 features besides those for Frames, Textures and Light Leak.

Do you see a greyed out reference to “DXO FilmPack Time Machine” just below Color rendering? I don’t know what it will be called in the German verision.



Yes, and just like all the other FP6 features it’s greyed out because like @JoPoV I have PL5 but I do not have FP6. It’s an irritation but it’s to be expected. You just can’t avoid Marketing shoving stuff in front of you.

Not inside the software you buy. Not when it shows when working. An more not when it slows down your workflow !
I become not professionnal in this case.

I completely agree. FilmPack should not display features you have not paid for and do not have access to. Besides being irritating it can be very confusing to those users who are unaware that they are viewing greyed out features from a version of the software they have not trialed and never purchased.

I wonder if users of FilmPack 4 see all the new features implemented in both FilmPack 5 and FilmPack 6 greyed out.


Dear @mwsilvers ,

yes I have the entry for time machine also
Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-14 um 07.59.02

And I’m not sure if I have had Filmpack 6 during the betatest, or I’ve had it only on the Windows VM.
But in my opinion I should no longer have any entries, because if it was uninstalled or not licensed, the entries should definitely not be there.

Enjoy the week


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Yes, that’s what I want and I expect what most other users want but my point was that’s not how marketing works and these days users can’t avoid marketing, hence my assertion that this irritation is inevitable.

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I use a lot of professional softwares.
ABSOLUTLY none of them except photolab allows itself to disturb user when working.
But those other software are professional softwares ! Not half toys !!!

Real question is : who does DxO targets ?

One reason to show grayed out items is to lure users into buying FP and VP licenses, saying “we can do perspective corrections but only if…”

Some of the extra package’s functions are standard in other apps. I don’t know if “costs in 3 single packages” is better or easier to pay?

This kind of behaviour only lures me to look an other side.
They are limits I can’t admit to be bypassed. And advertissment when I work is one of them (I didn’t see this one coming). Why not some flashy pop up while we’re at it !!! And with sound, go on !!!
I really hope support will respond me and give me a solution.

Deeprime is nice, but there are lot of photographers which does not use it and manage to do as well or even better without it. It is a facility, not a necessity.
It’s a question of professionalism.

May be it’s not marketing after all, rather that it’s a bug. I don’t remember every installing the trail of FP6 yet all the FP6 presets exist on my PC. Further, as I am the sole user of my PC and I have an Admin account I can hack these presets to make them appear / become usable within FP5.

I won’t give any details as to how I can do that here. Nor will I actually go the effort of hacking them all so I can use them. After all, I didn’t buy FP6 because it didn’t offer anything I was interested in. Getting one to work, as a proof-of concept was enough and I’ve already undone the hack.