How to find presets I have used in edited images with PhotoLab2

Hi I usually take several sessions to finish my image editing. I’m wondering how do I find which preset or presets I used when I go back to finish the image. Is there something I’ve missed?

No, you have not missed anything - there is no history.

Thanks, I appreciate the information. Sometimes I use an unsupported lens and have saved a pre set for that and its a bit puzzling as to whether I’ve used that preset. It would be nice to have that feature but its not a real game changer for me.

We asked already if DPL can highlight the used preset when opening the preset list.
So you can check the active preset.
And history, yes please maybe in a logfile in a xmp?
Normal a history is lost after closing the application. and when reopening the application the history is back to “present state”

The ideal situation would be for the history to be retained in the xmp file or at least be able to see the presets that were used to develop the image as multiple presets can be used. The DOP file has all actions performed on the image but its only the individual tool and no mention of a preset anywhere. Seems to me it would be easy enough to register the preset in the DOP so that the reference could be retained.