How to eliminate a message that keeps popping up

Each time I execute Nik Analog, I keep getting the message: “you’re modifying…” and I can’t determine how to get rid of it. I have only choices: “Cancel”, “Brush” or “Apply”.

I just want the message to be eliminated. It’s a nuisance.

ah hmm… you have to click on the “+” beside what you want to add, or it will… tell you that you are to modify what you already made. this is the same for every Nik collection app you are to use.
its like you click on a preset, and then you click on another preset, so you erasing the first preset to be replace by the second one. that’s basically what i mean by my answer.

hope this help.
there is also the pop up thing that you can click “don’t ask again” which will stop telling you that you are to overwrite the existing setting you did by… another preset.