How to delete multiple projects, all at once?

I have a lot of projects containing single images, often with missing source files from way back when. I’d like to be able to select those projects all at once and delete them. Is there any way to do that?

Shift-click, option-click, etc. on my Mac does not select more than one project.


There is a workaround:

  1. Create a new project group “TBR” (“to be removed”, but the name doesn’t matter)
  2. Drag all projects that should be deleted to group TBR
  3. Delete group TBR

This approach adds a few steps, but they also allow to review the projects before removal.
(Verified with DPR version 6.4.0 on macOS 12.6.3 on iMac 2019)

If you count the mouseclicks, the “workaround” need a few more, only “DEL” needs to be hit once.

And as far as I know, project groups only work from version 6 on.

On Mac, “DEL” is a context menu item that needs to be ack’ed, which also involves moving the pointer from the left sidebar to the center of the screen and back to the next project… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

True, DPL versions before 6 don’t provide such luxuries.

It’s a similarity of PL devs they share with the limited imagination of Capture One devs. Apparently for these guys working with a database appears to be something exotic and desperately in need for any extra click they are able provoke :crazy_face: why does this have to be such a hinderance in these days?

In C1, you also need to move albums one by one to a project, can’t select more than one; same for deleting them (except doing so with the very same workaround you already mentioned). To me these devs appear as if they never used an explorer or finder for daily work. An album or project in a DAM is, from user’s sight, nothing else than files and folders in a file manager.

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