How to change/ save default values on a Mac

I use PR4 under Mac OS, unfortunately I haven’t found a way how to define & save default values for the parameters:

  • Dxo website says that “standard” sharpeninig is the default value, somehow on my computer it is strong. As for me this is too much, I have to manually set sharpening to standard on every (!) new image file.
    How can I change the default value so that it is applied every new time?
    Also, but this is another topic: Can I avoid that PR4 puts and open (after conversion) every image in a collection? I want to convert just into the folder, period.

There is no way to save parameters that I know of and the user guide doesn’t show any.

The easiest way is to use PureRAW as standalone app and to sync the folder in Lightroom when DPR has finished the export.

Yes, that is my impression as well, however for sharpening the documentation clearly says “standard” is the default, whereas my version puts “strong” all the time…

There are numerous GUI/ handling issues, another annoying one is the magnification bug, 1:1 (under PureRaw) is really 2:1, 2:1 in reality is 4:1 - I mean this is a paid V4 software.

The fact that the plugin conversion always forces me into a undesired “collection” which doesn’t let me just switch to the next raw image makes the workflow “clicky” and cumbersome. Their own Nik collection plugins do NOT do that (I just end up in the folder with my Raw files) - so the programming of PureRaw is just sloppy and beta like, sorry.
I think that a non- paid bugfix is appropriate here. Those are faulty, unnecessary mistakes.

This might be due to a quirk in macOS: Display resolution is usually scaled for cleaner interface appearance. Example: My 5K iMac has 5120 x 2880 screen pixels, but standard display resolution is set to 2560 x 1440.

Nevertheless, DxI should be able to compensate this by reading physical vs. set display dimensions.

PureRAW 4 is fairly new with a version number of 4.0.1. PureRAW 3 was updated to version number 3.11., so there is plenty of time to get a few updates.

This is just a user forum and chances are, that bugs mentioned here go unnoticed. It’s therefore important to report your issues in the appropriate place:

Same here, I work on a Mac Studio monitor, same resolution as your’s…
But yes, I will send my complaints to DxO. Thanks.
EDIT: I’ve opened a ticket with Dxo, will report if they answer sth useful…