How to add keyword thesaurus ? and select a keyword?

In PL3.1, keywords functionality has been added but very difficult to use (compared to LR).

Some remarks

  • I have not found any way to import a thesaurus ?
  • display of existing or “available” keywords is not possible … so I can not “select” a keyword … this will cause two problems : impossible to find a photo if I do not remember the exact keyword + use of multiple similar keywords if I partially use the “same” keyword (for example : “Le Luxembourg”, puis “Jardin du Luxembourg” … etc… )
  • keyword association with the photo is only possible in “Personaliser” mode …
  • multiple association of photos with one keyword : is it possible ?

I expected a more advanced functionnality : I hope I am doing wrong …

I am disappointed as well by the latest Keyword update, I was assured after contacting support that titles of subjects you be able to add as well, just like you can in Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, Affinity photo etc.

As photo lab is at present, it means I have to go in to another software to add titles of subjects which is ridiculous.

I was hoping to add titles of subjects and keywords just like you do in Photoshop or lightroom.

The reason I need to do this is I just want to use Photo lab when I adjust and keyword an image, I don’t want to adjust the image in photo lab, and use another software to do titles and keywords.
I need to add titles or a description of what the subject is for Stock Agencies loads of other software allows you to do this why not Photo lab.

Is it that difficult just to allow Photographers to put in descriptions of subjects?

Hello @jj95,

  • Nope, the existing keywords are added to the DB as soon as you browse the folder or do the indexing.
  • Yep, it’s only in Customize tab.
  • I’m not sure I got it correctly but if you mean “is it possible to assign one keyword to multi-selection” - yes, it’s possible; if you mean “is it possible to see all the images with the dedicated keyword” - yes, it’s possible through the search by keyword.

Svetlana G.

I would prefer a “tree view” so that I can explore the keywords list (I am using hierarchical keywords either from thesaurus download, either created by myself). “Blind” exploration with the first letter typing is not what I would like to have.

OK . I will try

I would like to have a thesaurus implemented to allow me, using a tree view to select the “right” keyword (in fact, like I do in LR).