How to access Nik Collection 2 from within PhotoLab 3

I installed PhotoLab 3, and the next day installed Nik Collection 2. Both work fine independently of each other.

I just updated PhotoLab 3 to version 3.0.1 build 23.

I have opened an image in PhotoLab 3, and want to try out the Nik Collection 2 tools, but I can’t find any way to send the image off to Nik Collection, which I assume would then send it back to PhotoLab after I’ve selected the modification I prefer.

Maybe I’m blind, or maybe it got lost during the software installation. Any help would be appreciated.

Have a look at page 133 of the user manual: or click on Help online in the menu bar.

Mike - You should have a button above your Image Browser - (typically) on the bottom right of your screen.


John M

Thank you - I opened the user manual, and saved it to my downloads folder on my MacBook. I think this will be very helpful, as I learn various functions.

John M, yep, now I’m aware of that button, but I clicked on a few things so I could work on the largest size image possible, and that button moved down off-screen.

I wish it was located at the top right, and stayed there regardless of how large an image I create to work on. That would be a logical place for it.

Anyway, having gotten the answer from Tech Support, I got that working, and moved on.

a very useful resource is here:

You can undock the image bar (cmd-u i think) so it stays on screen behind PL while you work on your image.