How long it takes for staff to process a request after it has been submitted

Because 7.0.1 BUG caused activation times to run out, the request has been submitted for two days, but there is still no reply.

How long it usually takes to deal with it.Thanks.

There is an English phrase in reply to that - “how long is a piece of string?”

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No response in more than 48 hours is really disappointing.

But expected given today is the weekend

25 years ago, when I worked for a big worldwide computer company, incoming tech support requests were assigned priorities. A non-working product / license issue tended to be top priority, and we had particular goals for responding to such requests. (Not resolving them - responding to them.) DxO doesn’t indicate that they have such goals for responding to or resolving customer problems: they only aim to respond in a “timely” manner, per But let’s face it, customer realities determine what is timely, not DxO.

DxO management seems to have acknowledged recently in this forum that their support needs to improve. I was glad to see that, but don’t expect that improvement will come quickly.