How long is it reasonable to wait for optics modules to be added

I have been submitting requests in PR2 and now PR3 and also PL for optics modules to be added for my Nikon Nikkor Z 400/2.8TC S (may 2022) and Z 600/4.0TC S (Nov 2022) both mounted on the Nikon Z9 and now Z8 as well for a very long time - ever since I received these lenses.
Yes I understand these lenses are exotic - but guys come on – please up your game in relation to these and other Z mount Nikon Nikkor lenses.
AND yes you will need to produce 5 profiles for each lens on each body – Native, Native+Internal TC, Native+external TC14, Native+external TC20, Native+Internal TC+external TC14, Native+Internal TC+external TC20 – won’t that be fun !!!
While you are at it how about the Nikon Nikkor Z 800/6.3 PF as well and with the 2 types of ZTC.

Maybe you can ask here: DxO Software - New Cameras & Lenses support (30 August 2023 update) - #471 by Musers

I certainly understand your frustration. My manual focus Voigtländer D23mm f/1.2 Nokton, which I purchased in mid 2022, finally received support at the end of August, 2023. Frankly, I was never expecting that this particular manual focus lens would ever be supported. I was surprised and thrilled when it was. Hopefully your lens will also be supported eventually.

In order to create profiles, DxO needs a copy of the lens in their hands for testing. As a general rule, depending upon availability of a loaner copy, and the relative popularity of a particular lens, it can take anywhere from as little as one month to six or more months for support. However, there are some lenses that take far longer, and others that are never supported.

The availability of very expensive or very exotic loaner lenses in Europe may be very limited for a particular model. It is not clear how many potential reviewers and software companies might be waiting in line for perhaps a single available copy. Secondarily, some very expensive lenses may be used by a relatively small number of photographers, and those who also use PhotoLab for processing may be very limited. Since there seems to be dozens of new lenses released every month, DxO, which s a small company, obviously has to prioritize which lenses will be supported and when.


that’s the perfect explanation, exotic. I can’t even have a look at in any store as they are both back order everywhere.
you’ll have to ask @Marie which is the best of the best to give those answer :grinning: :cup_with_straw:

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@ajm057 Hello, we plan to add Z 400/2.8TC S and Z 600/4.0TC S but they are not easy to get, so I can’t give you a date of support for now. Thank you for your understanding

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Thanks - I have both and sent your team a message