How is Dust and Scratch Removal done in PhotoLab 7 Elite?

How is Dust and Scratch Removal Dome?

Rather well, but the best is to make your own opinion by trying with the trial period.

Is it done With Deep Prime,etc?
What’s the steps?

It’s done with the Retouch tool, where you can Clone an area or Repair an area.

There’s no real way of automating it so you’d have to select the spot(s), or scratch(es) individually and apply the tool to each one.

The only way I can think of any automation (others may have more, better suggestions) is if the spot or scratch is in the same place on multiple images. In this case you could make the Retouch corrections on one image, save these corrections as a Preset, and then have the Preset applied to the remaining images needing the same correction.

classic way was a flat field shot ( Capture One , - modern twist =