How important is more than 8G RAM?

Yet another performance question (sorry!)
I found a deal on a 14" WQHD (AKA ‘2K’) laptop. Thin, light, but I can’t add RAM (comes with 8GB waved to the systems board).
My desktop PC has 16GB, and I’ve never seen PL have a memory-constrained issue. How is it on 8GB.
Just wondering if I should pass on this…

I’m running an 8 gig W7 machine. PL is slow to launch, but, if the files are indexed, it’s quick enough for my hobbyist needs. However, a pro, processing a thousand files, might find it too slow.

My Win 10 pro laptop with 8GB opens PL2 slowly but once its open no problems processing anything. Exporting to JPEG with Prime is slightly slow but I’m used to that.

It depends. For one thing, not all RAM is equal. But it might also be worthwhile to factor in video RAM: is there a dedicated graphics processor with its own fast RAM? Or will video tasks require sharing that 8-gig of system RAM?

In my own experience with a 16GB desktop and 3 GB GeForce GTX 1060 card, photo editing, file management, and web browsing exceed 8 GB RAM usage. So another performance consideration when RAM is limited is the speed and capacity of the hard drive and the configuration of the pagefile in Windows.

Personally, I would stick with 16GB or more.

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I guess I’m giving this ‘deal’ a pass, then…

I have a big desktop with 16GB, but for travel a v. old but good Toshiba with 8. It is fine if a little slower.

The approximative rule is 1Go Ram for 1 core (logical or physical)

When i treat pictures with my i7 8700 (6 cores + hyperthreading = 12 cores), 12 go ram are effectively used.