How does Noise reduction interact with film pack?

If when using PL6 I add a film pack preset that includes grain, how do the noise reduction and grain simulation work together? Does the noise reduction happen BEFORE the grain is added, which is what I hope will happen, or does the NR try to negate the grain because it thinks it is luminance noise ?

Fear not, DxO’s team is smart enough to make it right in this case. Click on the sample screen captures to better see the noise and grain.

High ISO, low light image, no grain added, NR disabled

Added some grain, NR still disabled

Grain + NR enabled


  • Watch for chrominance noise in the first two captures
  • Chrominance noise is gone (along with luminance noise components) in the last capture
  • Grain added by FilmPack remains, no matter how I set NR, but the looks of the image (not the grain) might be different because of the effect of luminance NR.
  • No mater how you proceed when you customise your images, PhotoLab applies your changes in a sequence that is independent of your proceeding.