How Do You Turn Off Update To Version 6 Reminder

I’m using Version 5 of Nik Efex and have no intention of updating to Version 6. How do I turn off that annoying pop-up reminding me that there is a new version available

in nik 6 you have this option. not sure is nik5 is like all previous version without this option. there’s some discussion regarding this issue, just do a search.

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Thank you for your reply. I’ve had a look but can’t find a solution yet. I’ll keep searching

See these two topics:

Thanks for pointing me to the post. It’s a shame and embarrassment for DxO to remain quiet and to have the community provide workarounds for things like this. It seems to be a pattern for DxO apparently.

This remains an ongoing annoyance, insisting on telling you an “update” is available from Version 6 to 7. DXO software is great, but things like this are a small but revealing window into how the company views its customers, harassing them until they submit and discover that they are being tricked into further emptying their pockets.

The links posted above will stop the pop-up, at least until you update the program again. The fact that the solution is so simple seems to prove that DXO has no intention of addressing it.

you can also turn off wifi before opening nik which will prevent the pop-up, but dxo also introduce the 37 days * before a connection to DxO’s servers is required, seem similar to Ps/Lr.

There is (yet) another topic about this annoyance, started on 19 May 2024 , here:

It is so annoying to have this upgrade box…

Of course there is a trick to remove it, by tweaking the .cfg file by hand, but this is not for dummies !

Any “good” and “professional” developper at DxO can add a check mark in this f*** upgrade box so that the user can tick it to switch off the reminder.

It is like #metoo : when I say NO, it means NO.