How do you guys organise hdr source images and stack source images?

trying to switch from c1 to PL5 and finding a good workflow etc
struggling on how to organise my photos in DXO
using bridge atm to do culling i still need to find a way to keep my source images for hdr and stacks visible separate from the rest of my photos. in C1 i used colours for this
but PL5 seems to only support 2 colours red and green :frowning:
do most of you create different names or folders ?
really interested to know

I don’t know if this poll [Poll] Color Tags usage in your workflow? is still open, but you may want to contribute your thoughts.

Thx it was still working.

Still like to know how people organise there files that they use to make HDR or panorama foto’s.
Separate folders ? Or anything else ?

I use photo mechanic, that’s more than enough colours for different purpose, first 3 colours are my keeper, 4th one mean to be process, fifth is for pano and the sixth colour is for hdr, plus 2 i think but never use them. I don’t understand why some people allocate a colour for picture to be remove/deleted :upside_down_face:

Panos and focusstacks I use to export to separate folders, as this are only temporary files. I keep the RAWs of the panos and in rare occasions also the ones for focusstacks, if the lighting needs to be improved. But this habit I also have with Capture One. You can add export recipes and point to different folders.

in C1 atm i use red to mark the pictures for delete. in the first round when i do my cleanup

Painfully would be my answer.

I already suggested somewhere in one of the many threads requesting stacking and stitching and merging that we should be able to define a sets of images and treat a set as a single image for most adjustments and have the facility export all images in a set to an automatically created sub-directory. That IMO would offer a great deal of utility to users for little development effort.

Probably the easiest is to add keywords for Panoramas and Focus Stacks, you can then easily search for those keywords.

LR had a function to “stack” selected photos so you could keep your panos together. This would be a useful additon to PL.

indeed something i missed in C1 and now also in PL
a few extra colours would already help a lot i hate keywords ˆˆ