How do I use Time Machine within the PL5 interface?


I’ve updated to PL5 and FP6. I’ve had a look around the new Time Machine feature within the main FP6 user interface and really like it. I can make some use of what it offers.

I do all my editing within PL if at all possible, so I then found the menu option for Time Machine within PL5, but I can’t get it to work. All I can see is the historical image library, but no way to then select a ‘look’ and apply it to the image I’m curretnly editing.

Is there a tutorial anywhere showing me how to use Time Machine within PL5, or could someone offer some instruction for me please?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

For the moment you will have to manually go to presets, scroll down to the Time Machine preset folder and select the preset that you found interesting. Perhaps @StevenL will respond and discuss the current state of this feature’s functionality.


Thank you Mark, that does seem a sensible way now you have described it.

Having tried the function first within the FP interface where you can click on the Time Machine interface to apply the preset, I was tripped up in my lateral thinking on how else to apply one!

Edit: Perhaps not so sensible a method after all. Despite reading your response @mwsilvers I still struggled to make it work as I instinctively went to the ‘Colour Rendering’ menu ot the ‘Colour’ tab and looked in the ‘Category’ and ‘Rendering’ drop down menus for the films/looks shown in the Time Machine interface!

I got there in the end and now know where to find them, phew :slight_smile:

This feature is currently unfinished in the embedded version of FP 6 and DXO is aware of it. Hopefully, they will correct this in a future update to PL5.


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Thanks Mark,

It is indeed very early days for this feature and its integration within PL4/5.

I look forward to using it in its current incarnation and to seeing how it evolves in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.