How do I tell which images in a folder have been processed


Downloaded the trial version of Photolab 7.

Quite impressed but looking at all of the thumbnails in a folder of images, how do I tell which have been processed and which haven’t , at a glance?

Look at the Reset button at the top of the right sidebar. If it is active, adjustments have been made.


A check mark in the lower right corner of the thumbnail shows that the image has been processed and exported. If the check is green, then no additional edits were made after export.


And if there are post export edits changed, the checkmark turns yellow.
In the thumbnails window, there’s ‘filter images’ funnel image at the top. You can select a number of different states, including the yellow checkmark.
Also, if you don’t see the checkmarks, go to Edit/Preferences/Display, make sure ‘Processing Status’ is set to ‘always on’ (I think that’s the default).