How do I import from camera? [SOLVED... You can't through PhotoLab]

How do you copy/import files from camera to computer? Seems simple enough… but I can’t find any import button. I have PhotoLab 3.2 Elite.

There is no import feature in PhotoLab.


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Create a folder and copy the files to it; PL will “see” them.

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Are you using the camera as SD holder to connect to your pc by usb?
Then the provided camera import tool of the manufacturer would be a good way to import to the desired folder.
start culling inthere and after the first “throwaway” open DxOPL and it’s opening your folderstructure with the new folder.

If using a SD reader just plain copy it to the folder or let the import software of your camera open de SD like i do.
(it places the burst images and video’s in a separate folder on shootingdate)

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Thank you folks!


Hallo Vincent! Have you looked at vobiko? I use Rapid Photo Downloader on my Linux box; this looks very similar - renaming rules, directory creation, and even some features I don’t use on RPD.