How do I "Export to Lightroom", and send images to my newest version of Lightroom

I’ve been “struggling” to edit my images in PL3 for the past few days. When I’m done, I want to export them to Lightroom, so I can open them in Lightroom and export once again, with my watermark.

I used to use Lightroom CC. version 6 as I recall. I have since installed Adobe Creative Cloud, along with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop.

My problem is that wen PL3 exports the images, it is sending them to my older version of Lightroom. How do I program PL3 to send exported images to the proper version of Lightroom?

On the positive side, everything works fine, and I can do what I need to do, but I’d rather do it using my newest version of Lightroom (Lightroom Classic).

Usually, you can select to which version of Lightroom you want to export your images to.
DPL’s export to Lightroom dialog window should present a dropdown list that shows
which versions are installed so that you can select the one you want:

I never thought to click on the up-arrow to the right. Just did it now. My choices are:
Export to disk
Export to application
Export to Lightroom (my old version)
Add to Photos

I selected “Export to Application” and got a selection window.

I found “select an application”, and it took me to my Applications folder, where I selected “Adobe Lightroom Classic”.

I’ll test this later today, but I think you just solved my problem!! Thank you!!!

I removed my previous Lightroom (version 6), leaving only my new one.

I changed the “select an application” to the newest version of Lightroom (updated today)

Because of what I learned in the export box, I changed it so it’s exporting a DNG, rather than a jpg.

The Lightroom software is keeping a separate area for DxO PhotoLab 3, which is what I preferred.

I assume that now that the images are showing up in the Lightroom Gallery, I can create my own file structure underneath the DxO PhotoLab 3, and move the images into a logical folder for storage for the future. This is all working out nicely.

So, I’m back at the stage where I want to edit images in PL3 as confidently as I do with Lightroom. Got a long ways to go, and need to be able to use Local Corrections too.

I’m not sure what you mean by this, I’ll try to give some advice nevertheless :wink:

Because Lightroom needs an import or at least a synchronization in order to be able to display images, I’d propose that you make Lightroom the one and only tool to manage your image folders. Photolab will happily open whatever structure it finds without any need for import or synchronization.

If you e.g. add folders in PhotoLab, Lightroom will know nothing of it and you might get annoyed because the change you did in PL is not automatically reflected in LR. If you add a folder in LR, PL will automatically see it.

Windows user but as DXO does not need to import files I think that the easiest approach is to simply use Finder to locate the folder with the images in and open one of the files in DXO and it will load the folder of images. Adjust whatever images you want and export to disk the DNG. Then simply sync the folder in LR to see the DNG files.

Well, I reached a compromise, that sort of works. I deleted the old version of Lightroom, so that confusion is gone. I have all my Lightroom photos stored in a top level folder named Lightroom with the underscores so I never get it confused with anything else.

One of my goals was to use PL3 instead of Lightroom. I’d be all set, if PL3 had a function to add a watermark. All I’m using LR for now, is to add the watermark, then export the images at the proper size for my emails.

So, in my Pictures folder on my Mac, in addition to the Lightroom folder, I created an PhotoLab folder, and after I finish with PhotoMechanic sorting out my good images, that’s where the better images go for processing. Maybe I’ll refine this a little eventually, but I’ve got more important things to do now, such as learning local editing.

Another concern - when I decide to send an image off to Nik Collection, I end up with even more copies of my images. No big deal I guess.

One trick I would like to do - I learned how to give my images “stars” in PL3, so I could make it obvious what images I had selected to export, but is there a way as in Lightroom, to set something for perhaps 3 stars, and ONLY the images that meet that criteria will be shown in the PL3 window? It’s not necessary, but it’s very handy in LR.

There is a filter icon (Funnel) on the browser bar.

Thank you, IanS. That does everything I wanted to do, and a lot more.

Not sure how to “pick” or “tag” images - need to look that up.
Not sure which of these I don’t need to select - I guess I have a lot more reading to do.

Thank you - my immediate concern is solved.