How do I delete my PhotoLab database?

I’m in the early days of using sidecars rather than relying on writing data to the central database.

I have somehow managed to assign ratings to a pair of images where PL has read the data from a FastRawViewer sidecar. I was pleased as I thought it would save me time in the future but when I tried to change that rating within PL I had a problem where if I cleared the ratings I’d just given in PL the original ones from FRV would reappear and these I was unable to remove. I should say that I HAD deleted the FRV sidecar data after the ratings had moved to PL and before changing the rating in PL and I suspect that might have caused the problem.

I managed to rectify things by restoring a backed up copy of the database from a couple of weeks ago but as my PL database has only practice stuff in it I thought I’d delete it completely and start afresh.Seemed to make sense. The question is how do I do that? I’ve gone into the library and can see 4 DOPDatabase files as below. Which files require removal? Or should it be the whole folder ‘DxO PhotoLab v1’?

Check out John’s post on this topic:

OK, my bad, I now realize that you are using a Mac, so the link I provided will be of limited use to you.

Thank you jmsaky. from what you say I’m obviously in the right area.

The Mac structure is looking quite different to how you and John describe things so I think I’ll stay patient and hope for some more specific Mac advice. I believe there are quite a few contributors who delete the database regularly.

Hi @kbird,
you have the answer here New to DxO PhotoLab - coming from NX2 - a few random questions

Thanks for the heads up. All sorted now.