How do I crop to specific size (in inches not pixels)?

Crop tool: I want to be able to crop to a 5 x 7 (in inches) format. And be able to flip 4x6 (2x3) to 6x4. Same with 8x10 (10x8).

But I cannot find a way to do these things in PL2. I am not talking about the print module, but in Customize.


Hello @nikki,

Both is possible. Please, have a look:

Svetlana G.

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I want to convert a 2/3 crop to a 3/2
The gif is cute , but I cannot see how to do this

Hello @Hisonor and welcome to the Forum!

You can do that 2 ways: 1 - just type 3/2 into the “Aspect ratio” field; 2 - you can drag the frame by the corner handlers to a proper orientation.

Svetlana G.

you can also grab a corner and move it as you can see in the gif.

The size of an image depends on the resolution of the output device. So, to print to paper at 240ppi, you need to size to (size in inches) x 240 but, for the same size on screen, you need to multiply the size by the screen resolution, which can be anything around 72 to 120 ppi