How do I apply Deep Prime XD to multiple images?

I want to switch on Deep Prime XD with a specific set of values for multiple images… How can I do that?

To do this you can create a preset with the desired values and then simply apply this preset to all the images you want.

You can:

  • either, select multiple images in the filmstrip and then choose DeepPrimeXD noise reduction and adjust the settings, which will then be applied to all of the selected images
  • or, apply the settings to one image and then use Copy Correction Settings (CTRL+SHIFT+C) to copy them and then use Paste Selected Correction Settings (CTRL+ALT+V)to paste the settings to one or more selected images. In the paste dialogue you can deselect all settings and then just pick the ones you want to apply e.g. NOISE Reduction to paste the DeepPrimeXD settings.

The above shortcuts are for Windows PL


That is unnecessary if all you want to do is to be able to apply DeepPRIME XD with the same values to multiple images. Just select multiple images and select DeepPRIME XD for one of them. If DeepPRIME XD is already selected for that image, deselect it and select it again. It will be applied to all selected images. Then proceed to export to disk in the same way as you would for a single image.


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For my part, I understood that he wanted to make a set of adjustments such as brightness or other with deep prime xD and not just vary deep prime xD :joy:

It’s the same. You can do everything you want to a bunch of images if you first select a bunch of images. But don’t forget to deselect them after your changes or you will go on to do all further changes to these selected images. :smile:


Perhaps you’re correct. The way I read it he wanted the same DeepPRIME settings for all the images.

However, what I suggested will work for any edits. I just did that recently for a series of images that my wife brought back from a conference in Chicago. I applied the same edits, including noise reduction, to all of them before exporting them.

I didn’t need to create a preset because these were one-off adjustments based on this particular set of images. If I had created a preset It is highly unlikely I would have ever used it again.



This is the first thing I do after renaming, I select the lot often 300+ and do the Deep Prime. I have never needed to to specific values but I don’t shoot high ISO so noice is not often an issue. I also do the crop at the same time so that it is already there when I get to the image then fine tune it during edits. This way I dont have to keep selecting crop etc etc which over a whole shoot is tedious.Perhaps there is a way to automate the preferred ratios but i have not been able to find it ( Mac User)

You can define your preferred ratio in your default preset (that you define in your Preferences), as well as the Deep Prime.
Then every image discovered by PL will have them automatically applied.

I’m also Mac user but it should be the same in windows.

Thank you for you reply