How do I add Negative control points in Win 10 PL 5?

Where can I find tool panel when working with control points? I noticed a tutorial that showed a panel at bottom of photo editor. I cannot seem to find that. Thanks

I don’t quite understand exactly what you mean but below is the on screen menu that appears when you right click on the image and also the layers UI where you can adjust opacity and selectivity (Chroma and Luma).
DXO Mask Selectivity

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The control panel at the bottom of the screen is only part of the MacOS version. As Ian mentioned, the WinOS version has a side panel with the controls. To create a negative control point, first you must have a positive control point to interact with. Without clicking the positive control point off, hold down the ALT key then click on the preview wherever you wish to place the negative control point.


Thanks that answers my question. Mac version only. What is the equivalent of using a negative control in win version?

thanks Ian, i guess there is a mini control panel that lets you add (negative point) is only on Mac version

Just follow my instructions above. You don’t need a control panel to create negative control points.

thank you. i appreciate your help

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