How can I stop PR3 from making a new collection in LRC when run as a plugin

Every time i use PR3 (OR PR2) as a plugin in LRC it adds the DNG file created as a new entry in a collection group under the heading PureRaw 3 – how can STOP IT. I pulls me out of my edit and into the new collection when the files are imported – just stop it.

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I removed “DxO-PureRawv3.import.lrplugin” from Lightroom’s “Modules” folder and found that

  1. DPR can still be invoked by the respective Lr plug-in (“DxO-PureRawv3.lrplugin”)
  2. DPR will not create an additional collection entry
  3. LrC is not showing the new file, unless the folder is sync’ed, which is
    a) only possible in Lr’s Library view and
    b) switches Lr to the “latest import” view…which means that
    c) nothing is gained in this trade.

I then edited a file within the plugin, removing the line highlighted in blue:

Even though an additional collection is added, Lr does NOT switch to that collection.


  1. Tested with DPR3 and LrC 12.3 on macOS 12.6.5 on a 5K iMac 2019
  2. This workaround will have to be redone occasionally (e.g. after plugin updates)
  3. The possibility can vanish if/when DxO changes something in the plugin

I tried out the program and this definitely an annoying issues along with the auto-create DxO folder.
After checking the forum it seems the DxO folder auto-creation is now optional but still not for the collection.
I guess I have to continue waiting

This workaround worked for me, thank you. I just wanted to point out for anyone who might not know, the equivalent location of this file on Windows is:


Then same thing, edit PluginData.lua and remove the selectCollection line. If Lightroom is open you have to restart it.

This really needs to be an option in the interface though. It is massively annoying to get yoinked to the collection if you are in a long filmstrip in a specific folder. If you don’t make your wake back to where you were carefully in Library view, you completely lose your place. Not making the collection or at least not jumping to the collection makes it work much smoother.

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