how can I reduce gleaming faces

I have first to apologize for my bad English !
I just bought the Nik Collection 4 and I am actually a little lost before the reading of the 500 pages of the User Guide !
Can you help me for this problem : I like to photograph faces but I regularly have the problem with gleaming faces.
Could you give me some advice for the best way to reduce this fault, especially with Silver Efex Pro ?
Thanking you in advance.

If you never used Silver Efex before, I suggest to look for a webinar like

and you will get a lot of ideas how to … :slight_smile:

Reducing microcontrast and fine contrast can help in mild to moderate cases. This is fast and easy, particularly with Local Adjustments. In extreme cases, one needs a brush which is more the province of bitmap editors like Affinity Photo or Photoshop.

I thank you very much for those full webinar.
I have still very much to learn !!

I thank you very much for your advice