How can I process Olympus E-M1X Images before camera support is added in 2019-06?

Hi all,

I am about to purchase an Olympus E-M1X and the DXO camera support page shows support being added in 2019-06. So far, I have not been able to persuade PhotoLab to recognise E-M1X ORF files that other people have taken.

My principle reason for using PhotoLab is Prime noise reduction, which only works on RAW files. Can anyone advise whether it is possible to make the RAWs appear as OMD E-M1 Mk 2 files, which would probably be a very good match?

Ideally, I would like to be able to use a mechanic that can be applied batch-wise to a group of files in one go.

Thanks, Peter

ExifTool in batch mode :wink:

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Hi Pascal,

That’s a bit too cryptic for me :slight_smile:. Is there a guide that is more explicit on my specific need? I get that I need to use the tool to edit the files but what value(s) do I need to change to what?

The E-M1X ORF files have a “Camera Model Name” variable that is set to E-M1X, do I just need to change this to E-M1MarkII? Is there some sort of cryptic CameraID that also needs to be changed?

Thanks, Peter

YES. You must enter exactly “E-M1MarkII” [corrected]



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Thanks Pascal, that works nicely. Just in case anyone else needs to do this, your text above:

exactly “E-M1 MarkII”

has a space character that prevents it from working. It should be:

“E-M1MarkII” with no space.

Many thanks, Peter