How can I get DXO PureRAW 1.5?

How can I download DXOPureRaw 1.5 since only the updated version is available and that doesn’t run on my earlier version of Windows 10. I have run the demo version ok but its time is nearly up.

Just purchase a licence and enter it into your existing version and all should be fine.

Thanks for your reply, I’ll try again, but it appears that the program recognises the Windows version and since the upgraded version won’t work it doesn’t let me download anything. Nice to hear you also live in Perth!

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Are you wanting to install on a new machine? I always keep a copy of the download files in case I need to go back to a previous version due to bugs.

I use PhotoLab so don’t need PureRaw so unfortunately I can’t help you with providing a copy. Someone on this forum may have a copy for you.