Hotfolder definition - showing automatically the newest (not corrupt) photo (RAW or JPG) applying the current presets

Since most professional cameras tranfer their images over WIFI to the Mac, an option to activate a hotfolder mode which displays the last image - that is not corrupt i.e. fully transferred - in the current preset would be great, because then DXO Photolab can be used with a simple change for tethering. An option to prefer the RAW image instead e.g. the JPG one with the same date/time taken would be a nice addition.

You have Live Review in the VIEW Dropdown. This shows the last file entering the chosen folder ( this can be any forder).

If you want to see it with the chosen preset applied. ( either a DXO preset or a custom made one) the go into EDIT/PREFERENCE and view Correction Setting and enter your rquired Preset in the drop down selector. RAW and JPEG.

I sert all of the above up accordingly when tethering a camera for a shoot too.

Hope this helps.