Horizon tool

Is it my imagination or has the functionality of the horizon tool changed?

I seem to remember that before the latest version (2.1.0, build 14) that when I used either the horizon tool or the horizon slider the image would automatically get cropped to remove the black border caused by the image rotation. That no longer happens and I now have to invoke the crop tool and then press Close to get the image properly cropped.

Has the tool changed? Or am I remembering incorrectly?

You are remembering correctly and it has not changed. It works as you describe on my

I have not noticed any change on my Windows version either.


I just opened Time Machine on my Mac and copied PhotoLab version 1 to my system and run it. I opened an image and used the horizon tool to change the horizon. It rotated the image and automatically cropped it. Version 2 does not do that, at least on my machine.

In your response you wrote “It works as you describe on my Mac” but I do not know if that means it works on your machine as I described as “before” the change or “after” the change. On my machine version 2 does not work the same way version 1 did.

Hello Mike,

on my machine version 2 works the same way as version 1 did.
I am travelling right now and do not have access to my Mac but if I remember correctly but right below the horizon tool is a drop down selection in regards to cropping where you can choose manual or automatic. Mine is on automatic

I opened both PL1 and PL2 to check to see how the settings differed. There is nothing in Preferences that makes any difference but there is a Correction setting in the Crop panel that can be set to Auto or Manual. It was set to Auto in my version 1 copy but set to Manual in my version 2.

Changing that fixed the problem. Thanks for the heads up.