Horizon tool: expand range from +/- 45 degrees to +/- 90 degrees

The horizon tool currently does not allow rotation beyond 45 degrees.

1 - Image / rotation / rotate images selection by 90 ° (left / right)
2 - Horizon …
This does an extra action, but is more than enough for the rare times it is useful.


I agree, 45 degrees range is enough. I am concerned that the more range you add to a slider, the harder it becomes to make fine adjustments.

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Precisely aligning the horizontal or vertical lines by manually controliing the slider can be difficult. Fine accuracy could be enabled by magnification loupes for image alignment at the control points.

A well designed slider could offer coarse and fine adjustments regardless of range.

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That’s an interesting idea. Why not make the range +/- 180 degrees, then?

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This isn’t very elegant, but the Force Parallel tool in Perspective can be used to rotate images in small amounts.

Set the left half of the tool to the desired angle and the right half to a matching angle; press Apply.

Unfortunately Perspectjve Efex is not included in PL essential.

The tool you’d want with PhotoLab is ViewPoint. :slightly_smiling_face: It integrates seamlessly. Perspective Efex is the same thing included with the Nik Collection.

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Beyond 45 degrees it changes in vertical tool. Something I use often.



I fully agree with George. You don’t need in practice to increase much more than +/- 45° as the “horizon” tool also work … in the vertical direction (!)

I agree this could be better documented :laughing:.

From a usability point of view, we may need a bit more than +/-45°, in case:

  • You didn’t choose the right “side” of the direction (i.e. horizontal or vertical) when close to the 45° limit.
  • You make the adjustment in several steps.
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There is nothing wrong with using PhotoLab 3 Essential if it meets your requirements. However, you might want to consider upgrading it to the Elite version which includes Clearview plus, PRIME noise reduction, the ability to create partial presets, the ability to completely reconfigure the interface, up to three installations, and a couple of other advantages.

However, even in the Elite edition the plugin for Viewpoint 3, an integrated add-in, is only available at an extra cost. Perspective Efex is just a copy of the standalone version of Viewpoint which has been added to the Nik Collection.


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