Horizon tool colour — can it be selectable?

A lot of the time I am using the horizon tool I am working against blue — sky and or water are often these colours and often the definition of the horizon is from one shade of blue to another.

For these cases, the blue line is very difficult to see. I can usually zoom way in until the horizon becomes indistinct and can then see the thin line of the tool, but it would be more useful if it could be set to another colour so it is more easily seen against the photo to judge whether it is slightly off alignment or not.


You can change the line colour in the banner below the image to be processed when the tool is selected



So you can! I never noticed that. I think because my brain sees the little blue square and thinks it is simply a selection box of some kind, like all the little blue squares in the palettes.

Thank you!

If you also use Viewpoint 3 you can select the color for the embedded perspective tool in PhotoLab the same way.


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Case in point as to why my brain did not see the line colour selection. One of these blue squares is not like the other!

Yes, they are different in both size and colour, but not that different.

I would do it like this…

…and that patch size is no accident. I borrowed it from this…

I would also argue that a dull blue, while a fine accent colour for primary interface elements, is not a great default choice for fine lines that overlay on photographs. I’d suggest bright red.

The selected line colour is retained, even after closing DPL or restarting the computer

Yes, I see that is the case, thanks. However I don’t think it should be blue when the product is first installed.

Actually, the lines of the perspective tools would be easier to see if they were variable color, always complimentary to the colors of the background. If M$ can do it for the mouse pointer, surely DxO can do it for these tools.