Horizon correction tool: magnify endpoints in loupe

Crosshairs on a zoomed-in endpoint would be convenient to accurately locate the reference endpoints

Agree. Lightroom does it in an exaggerated manner imo.

This could also be extended to the perspective controls, right ?

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It is already implemented in Viewpoint, perspective controls, but not on PL3 horizon tool.

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Or I am missing something, or I do not have this on my Mac  ?

I’d never used Viewpoint in standalone mode until prompted to do so by the posts above. I do a lot of perspective correction of photos of buldings etc. but always using Viewpoint from within PhotoLab as part of my overall processing of the RAW image. Having tried Viewpoint standalone I think the magnified endpoints are a great help in accurately placing the correction endpoints in all of the corrections that employ them (horizon, force parallel, rectangle and eight points).

This would greatly simplify my usual working method whereby I have to:

  • position the endpoints approximately prior to zooming the image to 1:1 (This first step is required as the starting point for displaying the correction guide lines and endpoints assumes the full image is visible. If you zoom in first then select the perspective correction some or all of the endpoints may not be visible in the portion of the image displayed on screen and so cannot be dragged to the required position).
  • zoom to 1:1 to more accurately position the endpoints
  • use the move / zoom control to position the visible image portion to display the required endpoint, accurately position the endpoint and repeat for all endpoints (often eight)
  • zoom back out to display the full image to review the effect prior to applying it (and repeat some of the above steps if not satisfied with the result).

This definitely gets my vote.

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I agree with the request for having a magnifier to help locating points on the image. Could be present at different tools.
Could also be so that the magnifier will be applied when holding a certain key (i. ex. spacebar) pressed.

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In PhotoLab (and Optics Pro) for all perspective corrections (Horizontal, Force Parallel, Rectangle and 8-Points corrections) we can redefine the lines wherever you want by “drawing them” (i.e. clicking on a point and then dragging the mouse while keeping it pressed), at least on the Mac version, and so you don’t have to pick every endpoint to move it where needed.

Doing so is much more quick for me. And this method needs to be kept while adding the magnifiers to endpoints.

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Agreed. But the magnification sounds super useful. Although I’m wondering what the right magnification might be if the photo is already zoomed to 100%. I guess that’s already sorted in Viewpoint.