Hooray ! - - PhotoLab v7.5 includes some important fixes to LA behaviour

Is right click to select collapse all really too much to do?

It’s just 3 clicks in total to access any adjustment without scrolling or moving the mouse across the screen.


1. Right click on a title of any adjustment (whichever is closest to the mouse cursor)
2. Left click on “Collapse all”
3. Left click on the title of the desired adjustment to access it
(This is not limited to local adjustments)

Working with LAs you want to see, what tool you have used on that very layer / mask …
which is impossible with this long ‘litany’ without scrolling. – There have been quite a few suggestions how to improve, but no solution so far.

The simplest thing would be to highlight the used tool’s icon ( and the header ? ), when the tool is no more at its default setting. And this would go very well with Solo mode, but …

This request also needs more votes :

What does this have to do with this thread? Is it not possible for you to see that there are people who actually enjoy photography and using PhotoLab and don’t have to hijack threads with their negativity?

Also regarding scrolling through the local adjustments - how much movement of your finger is involved? I just have to move mine a bit without lifting it off the wheel to scroll up or down through the entire panel - total travel distance of finger tip approximately 7mm.

If scrolling with a mouse-wheel really is an issue for you, you should adjust the behaviour of your scroll wheel to better suit your needs or look for an alternative input device if you are not able to use a mouse. There are plenty of options for accessibility. Perhaps voice control might be something to consider. Then you wouldn’t have to move a finger.

Back on topic: I’m happy about the performance improvement and creative possibilities it has opened.

?!?!?! Hey, let’s keep cool ! This thread is about UI fixes/enhancements in version 7.5. And we all appreciate them (and thanks John-M for this summary). But consequently, it’s also a thread about problems and design issues that have not been fixed. I was just answering a remark from Egregius who was complaining about the way the real estate in the right pane is managed. I have not seen a thread subtitle saying ““I’m happy” answers only, otherwise keep away”.

It’s fine that problems that appeared with version 7 are partially fixed in this update. However, one may wonder why problems lasting since years are not, especially when the solution is known and easy to implement. Nobody will convince me that Solo mode is something hard to implement (unless big mistakes have been made in the structure of the UI). Also, the request I quoted is clearly related to this problem with the real estate management in the right pane. Some easy to implement suggestions I have made there would make it much more readable, even if they stubbornly insist on not implementing Solo mode.

The basic problem of this UI is that after working for a while, you have difficulties understanding where you are in the app and what you are currently doing. I’m sure that DxO are not ready to redesign it but at least they could try to listen to their old and loyal customers.


The changes to the LA UX introduced with v7.5, along with the fact that my muscle memory has mostly finally adapted to the new UI, I am now finding it far less frustrating to use.

I am perhaps still slower to complete an edit, but it is marginal.

However, I really do appreciate the HSL control and I do find the sliders on the right side panel far easier to control for fine adjustments compared to the old control point sliders. I especially find it much easier to adjust white balance for some reason - I always struggled with WB on the old system.

Just my opinion and expereince of course :slight_smile: