Histogram Parameters

Setting the Over and Under exposure triggers for the Whites and Blacks.
Currently they trigget at 0 and 255.
Setting them arbitory in Preferences would allow consideration on tollerances.
eg, 1. There are a number of filmtypes in Filmpack that totlly blow out the whites and trigger the alarms yet the shot isn’t actually overexposed when viewed in colour. So the user may want to work at 245 instead of 255 when doing the first edit.
2.Differemt print media benefits from ridng the blacks /shadow and this could b helped at the point of editing if a trigger point was, say 10 and not 0 on the scale.

Just 2 of a few reasons to be able to set the triggers arbitory to ones needs.


For what it’s worth, the indicators don’t show that there is overexposure or underexposure - only that there might be. That’s why they trigger around the extremes even for RGB images. The zebra indicators on my Panasonic camera behave the same way. So I have to treat the indicator as a limit, not as a condition to avoid.

Zebras on cameras are usually adjustable.
I also would like adjustability of the threshold. There are a number of adjustments that cause light parts of the image to approach 255 but not actually reach it. The net effect is massive compression and loss of apparent detail in the highlights.

Some will say you should be able to see this with a calibrated monitor. That’s fine. But for those that use a histogram it’s reasonable to suggest that the clipping warning thresholds should be adjustable.

This gets my vote.

Thanks for the heads up


Yes agree - Thank you