Histogram not showing in PL 4.1.1

I wanted to move the histogram from the palettes on the left side of the screen over to the palettes on the right side. My normal editing layout is to have the image as big as possible on a single screen, and to do this I only use the palettes and tools on the right side, and I hide the left palette and don’t use the filmstrip etc at the bottom of the screen (I right click to export and use the photo library to open files).

When I first installed v4 at the end of last month I tried to drag the histogram on the left side over to the palettes on the right of the screen (where it was in v3), it didn’t seem to stick on the right side and now I cannot get it back even when I click palettes > show / hide palettes or F9 or click on the palettes > histogram. The histogram is an essential tool and I want it to be with the rest of the palettes / tools over on the right side.

I also tried creating a custom palette (palettes > create user palette) which I believe should show up under the default palettes / tabs over on the right - the custom palettes are showing in the menu bar > palettes but do not show either on the left or right side of the screen - where are they? I was intending to see if I could add the histogram to a custom palette.

I also note that you can click on the tool headers on the left side and select move up dock or move down dock, but you cannot do this to the palettes and tools on the right side (as I was able to do in v3), I want to move my most frequently used tools up to the top of the palettes on the right side, and group together some linked tools e.g. style - toning, channel mixer and the filter (DXO Filmpack) which is on a different tab / palette.

I’m not intending to be negative about DXO or PL, I love the tools (and have Filmpack and Viewpoint) and have been using and updating every year since PL1, and I agree with the logic of having the palettes with tabs over on the right (to reduce scrolling, offering expandability and ability to show more tools), however I think there is room for some UI improvements.

I am using PL 4.1.1 Elite and Win 10 Pro 20H2.

Anyone able to help me out to get my histogram back?

You can add any tool to any palette by using the palette’s hamburger menu.

Good morning @shann and welcome to the forum,

Well, first of all you should still be able to move up/down the palettes on the left as well as move the palettes from the right to the left:

Second, you can show/hide palettes with this menu:


Did you try to switch between the workspaces?

If you still have problems with Histogram and custom palette, please, create a support ticket via support.dxo.com and provide your user config and logs for them:
Log files – %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 4 logs
Config files –%LocalAppData%\DxO\DxO.PhotoLab.exe_StrongName_addo3jomrfkt2faiwwfxxb444r1xfvlh

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Your custom palette(s) will appear only if you have NONE of the DxO palette filter options selected … that is, when the filter panel looks like this: imageall OFF.

John M

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Thanks. Got it. All’s fine.

Hello all, I have tried to reply, and provided some additional info and screenshots, however my post is still awaiting approval.

Thanks everyone for your replies, I’ve included some screenshots which I hope clarify what I’m trying to do.

Are you on PL v4? In v3 I could move the individual tools up and down the vertical order in the palette and tools on the right side of the screen, however v4 has introduced 6 tabs / palettes groupings on the right, and there appears to be no options to change the order of the tools (i.e. move them up or down in the vertical order).

I’ve included some screenshots - where are the palettes’ hamburger menus? Unless I being dumb and not seeing the obvious . . .

I do have the option to move the tools up / down on the palettes on the left side of the screen, but I can’t find the way to move the tools up / down on the palletes on the right side of the screen. I was also able to briefly move the Histogram over from the left side to the right side, however it disappears when I clicked any of the other tabs / palettes on the right, and I can’t get it back again. I can also create a user palette, but I don’t know how to view it so I can add tools to it - it shows up in the Palettes drop down menu, but I can’t see docked in the left or right palette groups.

How do I make NONE of the DxO palette filter options selected, so I can view the custom palettes? What do I have to click so that the tabs / palettes on the right are not selected?

I found that if I do > Workspace and switch between DXO Standard and DXO Advanced the Histogram returns, however it is on the left side of the screen, and I want to move it over to the palettes on the right side of the screen. After trying a few things I discovered the way to do this is to right click the Histogram header > Dock to right (screenshot 1), and it then briefly shows up at the bottom of the right side palettes (screenshot 2). However, as soon as you click one of the six tabs (Light, Colour, Detail, Geometry, Local Adjustments, Watermark & Effects) the Histogram disappears (screenshot 3). I need to see the Histogram constantly and have it locked on the screen when I’m changing the settings in the other tabs / palettes (e.g. Light and Colour), and I frequently move the cursor over the photo to see the colour and check if the highlights or shadows are blown.

I can create a user palette (screenshot 4) - but then where is it located on the screen, and how do I see it so I can add tools to it?

As stated in my initial post, I have my screen set up as shown in screenshot 2, with the image as big as possible on a single screen, I only use the palettes and tools on the right side of the screen, I do not have the left palettes or filmstrip at the bottom showing (I right click the image to export and use the photo library to open images).

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 3

Good morning @shann

  • This is exactly the behavior which is implemented. You moved the Histogram to the right and then applied filters -> as the result you see only the palette you filtered. If you want to see Histogram permanently when using filter you either leave it on the left or undock it.
    For now there is no way to pin Histogram on the left but we have it in plans.

Svetlana G.

An addition:
You can create your own palette and “copy” the tools you like of any palette in there in the sequense you like.
And then hide the original palette after that.
The quick buttons will stil show the original layout and in alphabetic order.

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Or you can simply drag the Histogram palette from the left to the right side, position it where you want in the list and then either resave the current workspace or create your own and use that as default.

But do make sure that none of the tool palette filters are highlighted.

Shann - I believe you’re confusing Palettes (which contain correction panels: Light, Color, Detail, etc) and Workspaces (which define the layout of Palettes).

See the Workspace menu option; New palette layouts that you define will be listed therein.


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You’re okay, it just looks like another difference between Mac and Win versions of DPL. On Mac. it looks like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-21 um 17.39.45
Note: Hamburger menu marked with a green circle.

Shann uses the Win version where this option does not exist.
You must add outils to a personal palette by drag and drop.

…this could mean that a tool can be lost if dropped in the wrong place?

Yes it happens, it is better to regularly save your workspace after modifications to go back if necessary

I think(?) this thread is becoming a bit complicated - with a number of different suggestions that may be at cross-purposes. @shann: could you please simply list the issues that are still outstanding for you (with no details to confuse as - we probably already have all we need above).

Regards, John M

Hi all,
is there a way to mark the histogram as a favorite correction?
Thanks for a hint.