Histogram in top right corner, and remember Channel selection


I upgraded form pl3 to 5 only to find that Historgram is movable and on the left.

Please allow us to fix the histogram on top right (like in pl3)
Also to remember Channel selection. I only use the L channel and its a hassle to do it every time.



You can move the histogram wherever you wish and it stays there. You can also create a saved Workspace which will revert to the state of your workspace when you created it. However, you cannot move the histogram above the Smart Worhspace buttons.


Yes i tried that. too much wasted space on top. Also to put the histogram there takes a lot of effort because you cannot just drag it there…
Main issue was it’s too easy to accidentally drag that section and mess up the palette order.

I find the smart buttons useless as well, but each their own i guess.

As Mark suggested, setup your panels as you want then save as a Workspace. If you do accidentally mess up your workspace you simple re-apply your saved workspace.


Absolutely! Besides being able to restore an interface design that got shifted around by accident or purposely, workspaces also allow you to save and restore multiple task specific versions of the interface.


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Dragging and dropping does need to be easier. There is a votable request here: Make it easier to arrange palettes in columns for a custom workspace

However, you can also right-click on the black and white heading of a palette and select the options to move the palette up or down one docking slot.

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I’d certainly like this. I find the three colour histogram to be rather difficult to read, particularly when I’m only using to to judge the overall exposure.

Had no idea! thanks! that will do.

I would welcome this as well. One of the first things I do after launching PhotoLab is alter the histogram to only show the L(uminance) “channel”. I’d also like the shadow- and highlight-clipping settings to be remembered - as the next thing I do after switching the histogram to Luminance is switch the clipping on :laughing:

Is it not possible to do that (have the histogram start with L) with a preset?

Possibly - I haven’t tried that. However, even if it works I don’t think it’s the best solution. Firstly, if you have multiple presets that you use, as some do, then you’d have to do this for each one. Secondly, I see presets as pre-defined sets of image corrections you want applied automatically to images as you select them for processing. i think the Histogram settings are closer to settings of the Workspace - granted, not quite the same thing as positioning palettes or customising the contents of a palette but, for me, much closer to this than a preset. Thus I think you should be able to define how you want the histogram to appear / behave by default and have PhotoLab remember this across sessions.