Highlight clip indication not working?

I just noticed that when I click the sun icon below the histogram, nothing changes on the image preview. I deliberately pushed exposure up very high on one image and still no areas were indicated.

4.3.1 build 60 on macOS 11.4 on Apple Silicon.

Do you have Smart Lighting enabled? Or any other adjustments that will make clipping less likely?

Why do you think there should be an indication of clipping? Can you provide more info, screen shots, and/or a test image with sidecar?

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So apparently it is working (see my thread on watermarking) but not where I expect it. I will investigate the particular image I was testing it out on.

It was a combination of tone curve, highlight slider, and exposure slider. I had spotted the tone curve ended at 254 instead of 255, but even fixing that they didn’t appear. When I turned off all three the clipping was visible. On the photo in question there is very obvious bright white with no detail, but it was being pulled down to just below clipping while remaining obvious.

The trouble, I think, is that I am re-doing photos that I have already made many adjustments on versus what I would normally do which is sort out the exposure first, then move on to other areas.